Ahad L. Amdani

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Experienced with C#/ASP.NET MVC, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript and Meteor, Ruby on Rails, PHP with Laravel and WordPress. I’m familiar with various frameworks around these development languages, platforms and tools, but these come and go as needed and on a case by case basis.

I’ve worked at a few companies in my time:

I worked in high school - sort of an atypical job at the time, working for a company that was focused on eCommerce - SoftBallJunk - and did some simplistic HTML forms, connectivity to payment gateways, etc.

While I was in college, I started out my development career with Foresight Automation, a small mechanical engineering firm that happened to be a vendor for Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control, an organization I ended up doing a couple of internships with towards the end of my junior year and beginning of my senior year. I also interned at L-3 Communications' Link Simulation & Training, who eventually hired me full time about a month after I graduated with my BSCS degree.

My consulting career started really while I worked with The Scruggs Group (website no longer active) in the private actuarial consulting world for a while as a software consultant to the team and their clients, and I worked with Sogeti USA for a time as well, really enjoying working with Fortune 500 companies like Pier 1 and Alcon, as well as mid-sized organizations like the Federation of State Medical Boards and Broadlane/MedAssets.

After Sogeti, I worked in the private sector with Monitronics for a while, and did some minor work for Cheaper Than Dirt.

I moved back into Consulting when I worked with Imaginet (a great organization, for sure, and just a great group of folks who are an absolute pleasure to work with) and then jumped to Catapult Systems, where I got to dive into mobile application development.

From there, I got to work an extended period at Avanade working with Microsoft Azure fairly exclusively for building SaaS applications using a microservice architecture.

While I was at Catapult and Avanade, I started my own small consultancy, Methodology, LLC and have amassed a few clients that I work with regularly to deliver real-time web apps and custom application development solutions.

I’m currently working at NationStar Mortgage/mr.cooper and have helped them transform their internal IT culture. We’ve also managed to introduce a few cool things - containerization with Docker, YAGNI-based development, pair programming, truly automated CI/CD pipelines with VSTS, microservice-based architectures and design approaches, test-driven development and test automation.

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