Ahad L. Amdani

who is brwn?

Hello, world! I’m Ahad L. Amdani, a problem solver. Usually, I use cool tech to solve those problems. I prefer using technologies that I’m interested in which I believe can help change lives and make a difference for businesses and for people. I’m also known by my nickname, brwn. My friends and I pronounce it “burn” if you were wondering.

I work with C#/.NET Core, HTML/CSS/JavaScript (Tailwind!), and the wonderful Ruby on Rails.

I’m a huge fan of gaming, reading, writing, and building cool things.

I used to work with Meteor - I miss it, but we just grew apart. I also worked a bit with PHP and Laravel but I guess I’m still just not a fan of PHP, though Laravel is pretty great. Oh, and WordPress, but I basically just got tired of this, and I was never very good at it anyways.

Check out if I’ve got anything you’d find useful on medium.com/@ahad. You can also follow me on Twitter @ahadamdani.